Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson is the founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit organization transforming the culture of youth sports into developing, as the PCA motto states, Better Athletes, Better People. Thompson founded PCA driven to get the best from people, especially youth, through youth sports with its infinite opportunities for teachable moments.

Since its founding in 1998, Thompson has recruited an outstanding team that has helped PCA grow into a thriving nationwide organization on track to reach 20 million youth athletes by 2020. PCA’s vision of youth sports as a “Development Zone” has attracted the support and involvement of many elite coaches, athletes, academic and business leaders around the country.

Thompson has written nine books on youth sports including Positive Coaching, The Double-Goal Coach, Shooting in the Dark, Elevating Your Game and Developing Better Athletes, Better People. He earned his MBA from Stanford University where he was Director of the Public Management program, named during his tenure as the nation’s top non-profit business management program.

He is currently a faculty member of Stanford’s Continuing Studies program where he teaches courses in coaching, leadership, and sports & spirituality.

Watch Jim Thompson’s Steel Sports “Ask the Experts” Webinar where he discusses the power of a positive team culture and creating a caring climate.

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